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Large-Order and Small-Order Printing

Every Order Matters, No Matter Its Size

While almost no order is too large for us to handle, Lehigh Print & Data also welcomes and specializes in small orders. For our brochures, pamphlets, envelopes, menus, postcards, business cards and more, we offer minimum order quantities that many print shops simply do not.

We recognize that the cost of printing services and materials are rising throughout the industry, and so we welcome order quantities as small as 50 on most items – as small as 25 on others -- in order to keep your costs down. How often do you or your staff make it through a full box of 500 business cards, anyway?

We won’t try to talk you into buying more than you need. The only time we’ll give you more than you need is through our Culture of Respect™ customer service that’s designed to exceed your expectations.

In the Allentown, Greater Lehigh Valley Area and Eastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey and beyond, every order matters, no matter its size.