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About Us

You might say printing is in Shabir's blood.

Shabir's love and enthusiasm for printing reaches back to his boyhood days in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. As an eight-year old he often left school through a window and made his way through the back streets to his father's printing business, Herald Printing Works. He enjoyed spending his days watching and studying the flow of work through the print shop.

Later he worked in the print shop and when he was old enough he traveled to Canada to study printing at George Brown College in Toronto.

A major factor that steeled Shabir's determination to overcome difficulties was the frequent electrical power interruptions that plagued his African home.

His love and enthusiasm for printing and his determination to overcome obstacles brought Shabir to the United States where he knew he could carve out a better life for his wife and infant son.

At Lehigh Print & Data, Shabir has harnessed his determination to overcome difficulties to a drive to provide innovative and cost effective solutions for his customers.