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About Lehigh Print & Data

Fast-Turnaround Printing and Top Customer Service for Orders Large and Small

With Impeccable Attention to Detail and Customer Service

Lehigh Print & Data prints brochures, pamphlets, envelopes, menus, postcards, business cards, and more with impeccable attention to detail and customer service.

We provide the fastest turnaround times possible, especially in the Allentown, Greater Lehigh Valley Area and Eastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey.

While we handle giant print jobs, we handle small ones too; our minimum order quantities help ensure you never have to take more than you need, except when it comes to customer service and the quality of your product.

Our Culture of Respect™ customer service strives to exceed your expectations.

Size matters: We do large print orders, and specialize in small print orders

We like small orders because we know you like small orders.

We do big orders, too - thousands upon thousands of units for big corporate customers. But most people don’t need that many, and so we won’t make you buy that many. We see the cost of printing continuing to rise, and it just wouldn’t be fair to double that pain by making you buy more than you even need.

We do order quantities as low as 100, 50, and, for some items, even 25. We’ll never saddle you with an inexhaustible supply of business cards.

We’ll never try to give you more than you need unless it’s in terms of customer service and the quality of your brochures, pamphlets, envelopes, menus, postcards, business cards.

Fast Turnaround: Our location and customer service put finished products in your hands faster.

Lehigh Print & Data prides itself on the fastest turnaround times possible, including same-day delivery.

Based in Pennsylvania’s greater Lehigh Valley Region, we’re rarely much more than an hour away from millions of people with printing needs in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and anywhere in Eastern Pennsylvania.

That combined with our ambitious customer service levels allows us to deliver your brochures, pamphlets, envelopes, menus, postcards, business cards and more into your hands right away.

Culture of Respect™: Top customer service that goes beyond just printing.

Sometimes we’re asked what’s the Data part of Lehigh Print & Data. Data is everything in a print job that’s not the printing itself.

It’s what we’ll do to exceed your expectations as part of our Culture of Respect™ customer service.

It means we’ll take your finished order and your mailing list and send each individual piece where it needs to go, even if it’s hundreds of locations. It means that even if you have a big jumble of mismatched file formats and incorrect margins, we’ll straighten it out for you.

It means we’ll carefully inspect your artwork to make sure it fits the specifications; and if there’s a typo in a headline or content in the bleed, we’ll get it fixed, no matter who made the mistake. It means we’ll optimize your artwork for you even if it’s not in the budget.

It means we’ll handle your small order with all the same care as a huge order. It means we’ll never try to sell you more than you need.

Data is what we do to exceed your expectations. And our Culture of Respect™ is our pledge to strive to exceed those expectations.

Service-first printing is our history and heritage

Shabir Sumar, the founder of Lehigh Print & Data, fondly remembers sneaking out of school as an 8-year-old to go to his father’s print shop and watch how everything worked. Shabir is still watching. With eyes on the evolving print industry, we are to evolve ahead of it. We reinvented ourselves as the industry moved away from plates and presses and into a digital age. And we’ve re-invented ourselves again for the future of print.

We’re a service-first print shop. We provide rapid turnarounds for an on-demand marketplace. We meet the customer’s needs -- even if it’s an order so small that no other shop would think of doing it. And we exceed customer expectations by managing the complexity of things like artwork optimization and job specifications so that customer’s simply get a print job done right and done fast.

Tracing its history to 2002, and its family print heritage to decades before that, Lehigh Print & Data operates in state-of-the-art facilities in Macungie, Pa., part of the state’s Lehigh Valley region. When jobs are sent here, our customers have expectations -- and we strive to always surpass them.